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Expert led.
Technology agnostic.

A successful Managed Detection and Response (MDR) relationship is characterized by expert-led services and investment of human capital from the start, not just when your security stack runs out of machine smarts. Introducing Ankura InterXeptor™. See what sets us apart.


We Understand What Keeps You Up at Night

We know growing middle market companies have unique business needs and face an array of escalating cybersecurity threats. No one is “under the radar” when it comes to the threat of a cyber crime; “security by obscurity” is unfortunately a thing of the past. Increasingly sophisticated and massively scaled threat actor operations makes it easier to launch remote ransomware and data compromise attacks targeting even the smallest companies.

Not All MDR Partners Are Created Equal

Choosing the right MDR provider is critical for staying ahead of increasing cybersecurity threats. Preventing a breach or mitigating the damage of a threat quickly can make the difference between avoiding a major, costly disruption of your business – or paralyzing your company. To select an MDR partner who can provide the highest level of protection and service, read “How to Evaluate MDR Providers” for the 10 essential questions to ask first.


Ankura InterXeptor, a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Solution

Our experts have drawn from their extensive middle market client experience to build Ankura InterXeptor, a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution that addresses your challenges and risks, such as:

  • Mission critical growth

    initiatives that expose you to increased cyber threats

  • Incident response


  • Ransomware gang threats

    and other financially-motivated attacks

  • Remote work

    becoming business as usual

  • Expanding IT infrastructure

    with static/decreasing security budgets

  • Compliance and insurance

    coverage requirements

  • Cloud migration

    and increased reliance on SaaS platforms

  • Cybersecurity staffing shortage

    and escalating cost of qualified talent

We’re a Managed Detection and
Response Partner, not Just a Provider

Growing middle market companies need a Managed Detection and Response partner, as opposed to merely a provider. Our Ankura InterXeptor middle market security experts will invest time to understand your business landscape, not just your cyber attack surface. And our door is always open for advice. 

You Will Have Complete, Personal Access to:

Ankura InterXeptor

Our Solution is Nimble So That You Can Be, Too

We can quickly adapt Ankura InterXeptor to meet new and escalating threats as your company expands. Our experts continuously assess your security posture and business priorities to provide you the precise solution you need today—and the flexible strategy you need for tomorrow. That’s the Ankura InterXeptor difference.


Our Clients Trust Us to Keep Them Safe

Risk assessment graphic

Are you cyber secure? Find out now with our risk assessment.

Take the Ankura InterXeptor online Risk Assessment. You’ll receive immediate results regarding your company’s preparedness. After the assessment, we can review your organization’s unique risk profile and share how best to use your existing security tools during a free consultation.


pete vu

“80% of threats get detected through automated tools. But it’s the unusual 20% that needs an experienced human eye. Any competent provider can detect the 80%, but it takes a partner to get to 100%”

Peter Vu, Managing Director
Ankura InterXeptor Threat Detection Operations


Sign up for three months of Ankura’s CTIX FLASH Update, which provides cyber threat intelligence to an organization’s security team.


Ankura InterXeptorTM
Risk Assessment

Our two-minute Risk Assessment can help you determine how prepared your organization is to repel a cyberattack.  Complete your risk profile now and have the answers you need immediately. 

Recognizing cyber threats that can compromise your organization and addressing those security gaps is critical to protecting your firm’s infrastructure. Mitigating your risk can be the difference between a highly manageable, isolated cybersecurity incident and a data breach causing a major disruption that paralyzes your organization for days.



It looks like you’re on the right track!

We want to offer you three months of Ankura Cyber Threat Investigations and Expert Services (CTIX) FLASH Updates for free. You’ll receive recent threat group/actor activity and newly identified vulnerabilities impacting a wide range of industries and victims.

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Need a assessment? Talk to an advisor.

Your organization may be at risk and could benefit from improved cybersecurity.

By combining industry-best technology and human expertise, you can defend your infrastructure. Start today by downloading our Data Sheet that outlines the most vulnerable areas of risk and the tools you need to obtain continuous threat detection.

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Need a assessment? Talk to an advisor.

Your organization is at risk.

It’s time to start a conversation. You can never be too prepared for a cyber breach. Book a free consultation with our MDR experts to review the results of your risk assessment and identify the steps needed to protect your organization from cyber threats.

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