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Ankura InterXeptor™ was designed for the middle market. We get to know the unique risk profile of each of our clients and build a custom solution to fit their needs. We’re a security partner, not just a vendor.

We understand that growing middle market companies experience a disproportionate impact from industry-wide resource pressures. Cybersecurity budgets are stretched to maintain adequate data security in a rapidly changing threat landscape. Staff turnover, technology advancements, and evolving threat actor techniques make it impossible for many middle market firms to keep pace.

We think most Managed Detection and Response (MDR) providers work for larger, well-resourced security teams but haven’t done enough to directly and comprehensively address the unique security pressure points faced by businesses like yours.

Coronet 2022 survey of middle market companies

“During the pandemic, naive attacks dropped by 21% while the more sophisticated methodologies, including targeted and customized attacks, as well as insider threats, each expanded geometrically in popularity among cybercriminals.”

72% of middle market companies think that unauthorized users will attempt to access their data or systems in 2022, up from 64% in 2021.

– RSM 2022 Cybersecurity Special Report

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What Keeps You Up at Night?

Are you worried about increased cybersecurity risks arising from a merger, acquisition, geographic expansion, or a rapid rise in headcount? Do you feel confident you understand the threat exposure arising from your reliance on SaaS applications? Do you feel prepared to respond to a cybersecurity incident if it happens? Are you trying to figure out how to prevent cyberattacks with a lower budget? Do you have cybersecurity insurance? If you do, does it cover everything you need? Have your compliance obligations changed?

See How Ankura InterXeptor Can Help Your Company Stay Safe While You Grow

Ankura InterXeptor: Managed Detection and Response Solution. Expert-led. Technology agnostic.

Continuous threat detection. Real-time response. Download the Ankura InterXeptor Data Sheet to learn more about our solution options, qualifications, and threat detection model.



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Ankura InterXeptorTM
Risk Assessment

Our two-minute Risk Assessment can help you determine how prepared your organization is to repel a cyberattack.  Complete your risk profile now and have the answers you need immediately. 

Recognizing cyber threats that can compromise your organization and addressing those security gaps is critical to protecting your firm’s infrastructure. Mitigating your risk can be the difference between a highly manageable, isolated cybersecurity incident and a data breach causing a major disruption that paralyzes your organization for days.



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Your organization may be at risk and could benefit from improved cybersecurity.

By combining industry-best technology and human expertise, you can defend your infrastructure. Start today by downloading our Data Sheet that outlines the most vulnerable areas of risk and the tools you need to obtain continuous threat detection.

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Need a assessment? Talk to an advisor.

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It’s time to start a conversation. You can never be too prepared for a cyber breach. Book a free consultation with our MDR experts to review the results of your risk assessment and identify the steps needed to protect your organization from cyber threats.

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